The Shift is Upon Us

By heatherwebb, 2021-08-01

Hello all you high-vibing individuals!

You are here for a reason.  If you are reading this, chances are, you are aware of what's going on right now.  You know that we have to connect not only with people of our similar vibration, but also to this amazing beautiful planet that sustains this miracle of life.  We are having a temporary human experience here, so let's get the very most out of it.  

This website is brand new.  If you are here now, you'll see I'm not even close done with it.  But my vision is just a space where we can connect.  I'm out of the matrix.  I gave up the fbook a few months into the pandemic, which was, like many people, my main hub for communication with basically every person I ever met... or didn't meet at all.  If you're like me and are attempting to exist outside of the mainstream matrix of propaganda and 3D mind control crap, link up with me here at cosmicenergylink.com, and let's raise the vibration of this amazing place.

More info coming soon!

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